Horsetail Fall, Yosemite

Horsetail Fall is located in Yosemite National Park and is best viewed at sunset
during the 3rd week of February. The wispy fall can be seen on the eastern flank of
El Capitan from early December to late April but, it is the setting sun's orange glow
in mid-February that makes it the best time to see the orange back lighted water fall.

The 'original' fire fall, that fell from Glacier Point and seen in Yosemite Valley, was
a valley favorite for the many people visiting the valley from 1872 until 1968. The
fire, at Glacier Pt. was started hours before the 9PM fall during the summer months.

Today, visitors can best see Horsetail Fall from Southside Drive in Yosemite Valley
where numerous vehicles are parked on the left side of the road about 1.7 miles west of
Yosemite Village where many camera tripods are setup with enthusiastic photographers
and viewers saying that the waterfall appeared as orange-glowing lava falling down
the 1,500' mountainside plus another 500' cascade on the almost vertical granite wall.