• The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) has supported the liberals since its founding. In NAMBLA literature, they state the importance of adult men having anal/oral sex with boys as young as 8 years old. NAMBLA is a despicable organization that only feeds on their perverted ideas of destroying the most innocent Americans. The liberals should demand law-suit after law-suit against NAMBLA, but instead liberal politicians make sure NAMBLA receives American tax dollars to support their perverted lifestyle and destroys young American boys.

        Along with NAMBLA there is the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) that lobbies all politicians to vote pro homosexual rights and preferences over majority rights and preferences, who are not homosexual. The American Homosexual Community (1-2% of the country) has convinced the liberals that they are a minority group that deserves special rights over the rights of all others. NAMBLA is a portion of that homosexual community.

      • The Councel on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) supports the liberal regime in Washington DC. CAIR 'encourages' Washington DC politicians with millions of dollars in campaign money. It should be mentioned that CAIR is an unindighted co-conspiritor in money laundering activities and they insist on lienency of Islamic Terrorists. CAIR contributes to most all liberal causes and campaigns.

      • The National Organization for Women (NOW) supports liberals and all liberals who campaign for unrestricted abortion at any stage of gestation including the slaughter of babies. Yes, you heard it right - NOW states that women should be allowed to abort children up to 1 year. A liberal plank, and the NOW purpose, is to rid the country of undesireables, as stated by the NOW founder Margaret Sanger.

      • The National Education Association (NEA) supports all liberals who espouse indoctrination of children in government schools with the liberal-socialist agenda. The education of children is unimportant to the NEA, but the indoctrination of children in anti-constitution retoric, anti-bill of rights lectures, anti-founding fathers and anti-Christianity. Understand that not every teacher in America follows the NEA Nazi thought-speak indoctrination of children. Teachers are to teach the 3-Rs, but instead they teach tolerance for every perversion in American life. Whatever happened to educating young Americans in READING, WRITING and ARITHMETIC and the "GREATNESS of AMERICA"? Try to find opportunities, try to find freedoms, try to find liberties and try to find money making ventures in 3rd world cesspools of corruption. The NEA stands condemned in their abandonment of education and replacing it with indoctrination as dictated by liberals.

      • The American Socialist Party (ASP) fully supports the liberal philosophy. It used to be in the 1930's to the 1960's that ASP (BTW - an asp is a deadly snake) would run candidates in public office elections. ASP no longer has public office candidates because the liberals have adopted all the planks of ASP. Some of those political planks include: free public assistance for all, free healthcare for all, free higher education for all, infanticide for all, gay rights for all, just to name a few. ASP states that US law should be abandoned and replaced with tolerance for all and tolerance for everything including perversion.

        The American Communist Party (ACP) is very closely aligned with ASP. Their desire to change America is similar. Tolerance for all (except the Constitution and the Christian religion) is their mantra.

      • The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) are both in the liberals bag. ACORN exclusively recruits voters to liberal causes and candidates and SEIU is a thug-based criminal organization that is the intimidation strong-arm of the DC liberals. You can see the purple shirts and red shirts at every liberal Democrat event. They are there to intimidate those who would speak out against liberals and the liberal agenda.

        Liberals believe that the threat to America's security are conservatives and not Islamic terrorists. Liberal politicians will not prosecute incarcerated terrorists who have killed Americans, but they will and have filed law-suits to prevent Arizona from protecting its borders from illegals, many with terrorist intentions. It is more important for liberals to demonize conservatives than to prosecute those who want (if they could) to kill all infidels, and that would be you and me.

      • Planned Parenthood (PP) of America is the largest provider of abortion services in the country. They pride themselves with their founder Margaret Sanger who believed in eugenics of inferior races. She proposed that Black American mothers abort their children thus eliminating a scourge on whites. Sanger is held high on the pinnacle of progressive ideas. Sanger never understood that this country prides itself on diversity and equality of the races. Sanger introduced eugenics as birth control initially for blacks, but the gruesome procedure has mostly been adopted by liberals.

      • The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has supported liberal causes since the 1930's when they allied the organization with anarchist principles, anti-religion and socialist dogma. The ACLU has represented all the above in American courts at all levels. There is nothing American about the ACLU or its allies. They want to strip Americans of their rights (free speech, 2nd Amendment, etc.) and at the same time they want to incumber Liberty Loving Americans with higher taxes, fewer freedoms and increasing contraints. The ACLU is un-American and works judiciously to prevent you and me from exercising freedoms outlined in the US Constitution.

        You are known by the friends you keep. What do you think of all these liberal "friends"? Are they the type of friends you would associate with? Or, are they the type of groups that you would stay as far away from as possible? Look again at the names of these groups and know that they are all anti-American, anti-Constitution, anti-Bill of Rights and even more important, they are against your freedoms and liberties.

        It is time to rid the country of these anarchist organizations who wish only harm to America.

            • NOW
            • CAIR
            • NEA
            • NAMBLA
            • SEIU
            • ACORN
            • ACLU
            • Planned Parenthood
            • Liberal Socialist Democrats