SS 1970 Chevelle

The 1970 SS (Super Sport) Chevelle was introduced to the public in November 1969. The 2-door coupe was an instant hit and thousands were ordered. The first Chevrolet Chevelle SS models were purchased in 1964 and the first BIG-BLOCK Chevelle was the model Z16 in 1965 with the 396 CI engine.

The 1970 SS Chevelle was the pinnacle year in which the car was made. There was no (or little) smog equipment, the 454 CI engine option produced a very conservative 450 HP, both the 396 CI and 454 CI models could be ordered with a 4-speed, cowl-induction, racing stripes and SS spoke wheels. BTW - All SS options could be ordered in one package for under $500, including the BIG-BLOCK engine. Another very popular option was the "Rock Crusher" 4-speed Muncie (M-22) transmission.

There were 58,000 SS Chevelles sold in 1970 including both the SS 396 and SS 454.

Following the 1970 year model SS Chevelle, the line declined in populatity due to increased smog requirements, decreased performance and horsepower and the increased fuel prices.

1970 Chevelle SS Slide Show

Anyone who owns the 1970 "King of Muscle Cars" is indeed very fortunate to have it and very proud to say, "The car passes everything on the road, except the gas stations." Check out the following advertizement that came out in the December 1969 issue of National Geographic Magazine: