May God's blessing be on you and your family during this Christmas season. You may think that Christmas is all about gift giving. You may think that Christmas is all about family. And, you may think that Christmas is all about getting together.

      Well, if you answered yes to the above - then you are correct. Christmas is all about gift giving, family and getting together. This was God's plan long ago and He made a way for you to receive His gift to you, to be a family member and to live with Him forever.

      Yes, this was God's plan from the very beginning. We are created in the image of God and His desire for us is to be a member of His family. He has given each of us a gift and He wants us to accept the gift. The gift of God is His Son and His offer has only ONE Condition.

      I have had many birthdays and attended many family Christmas celebrations. Gifts were given at both Christmas and birthdays and many times there were more than a few gifts given and sometimes the gifts ended up in a small pile. But, they did not stay there, I opened each gift and there was no longer any question what I was given. BUT, I had to accept each gift by opening each gift.

      In order to receive God's Christmas gift, you must accept it and you can accept His gift by simply telling Him you want to receive His Son as Savior. When you tell God you want His Son, He will then place His Spirit within you. The Holy Spirit is God's gift to you and the gift includes eternal life in heaven.

      Now, who wouldn't want a gift like that? Make this Christmas, your best Christmas.