Celebrating Earth Day
(April 22)

Earth Day has been celebrated for many years and you are urged you to join in this year for a
wonderful celebration of earth's bountiful resources. Together, the earth's resources and your
hard work have provided you: land to live on, employment, a roof over your head, wheels to
drive, and a barbecue grill to fire-up (just make sure to use real charcoal and starter fluid).

You can celebrate 'Earth Day' with the following activities: There might be just a few other things you can do on this most famous of Founding Father's holidays:
  • Fill-up your gas guzzling muscle car or SUV with high-test gasoline.
  • Take a road cruise and burn the entire tank of gas.
  • When visiting friends this weekend, take your SUV or truck (no hybrids allowed).
  • Go fishing this weekend and catch your limit.
  • Take your OHV over some way-out dirt roads and enjoy the view.
  • Fire-up your chain saw and gas lawn mower (2-cycle engines preferred).
Now, a few additional things you might want to know and do:
  • Join the NRA today !
  • Purchase a HUNTING License !
  • Go to the shooting range !
  • CANCEL your membership to the Sierra Club.
  • CANCEL your membership to the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Write a letter to the EPA and complain that they are a major source of LOST American Liberties.
  • Tell PETA you like RED MEAT !
  • JUST SAY NO to A. Gore and never believe him until he leads by example (fat chance!).
    Oh yea, he is the same Al Gore who 'invented' the internet. How believable is that?
  • JUST SAY NO to purchasing so-called 'cabon offsets'. They only line the pockets of the fat-cat elitists.
  • When your purchases include 'green products', you might just want to re-think as to how much more you
    have to pay. Do the so-called green products clean as well as the phosphate based products? How much
    more of the 'green' cleaner do you have to use to get your clothes cleaned as you did with the phosphate products?
    How much more do the 'enviro-friendly' cleaning products cost over the phosphate cleaning products?

Make it a RED, WHITE, & BLUE celebration

Have you ever wondered why the elitists and statists always want YOU to conserve,
always want YOU to purchase 'carbon off-sets', always want YOU to buy hybrid
vehicles, and always want YOU to purchase 'earth friendly' green products?

The reason is that the rules the ELITISTS have made for you are
not applicable to them and those who embrace socialism.
Do as they say, not as they do.

Did you know that Vladimir Lenin's birthday is April 22?
Bolshevik revolutionary, Modern Eco-socialism - Coincidence?