About Islam, I Learned on 9-11

      • In Islam it is considered "a virtue" when an Islamic worshiper lies to an infidel (that would be you). Islamists believe that 'all is good' when deceiving an non-believer. Muslims are taught when the odds are are not favorable to them (when with infidels), they should smile on the outside and hate the non-believer from the inside.

      • Islamists believe that Islamic Law (Shiria Law) is above the U.S. Constitution, above the Bill of Rights and above the Declaration of Independence. They believe that you should be subservient to the Islamic religion and Islamists, in general. I.E. - They want to rule over you with an iron fist.

      • Do you remember September 11, 2001? Do you remember the horror in New York City, Washington DC and Pennsylvania? Do you remember seeing the carnage, the destroyed lives, the destroyed buildings and the fear in peoples' eyes? Do you believe that Islam is a religion of peace?

        "Everything I ever wanted to know about
        Islam, I learned on September 11, 2001."

      • Islam has never been a part of the 'Founding Fathers' or the establishment of this country, no matter what the pacifiers in government tell you. Islam is a religion originally based on a pantheon of gods that was reduced to only the moon god by war-like terrorism in the 6th century AD. Today the primary symbol of Islam is a cresent moon and the 'moon god' religion wants to concur the world through global jihad.

      • Islam has no tolerance for homosexual behavior or homosexuals, in general. Homosexuals in Islamic countries are typically tortured and murdered and all according to Shiria Law. Homosexuals are to be shamed prior to torture and death.

      • Islamic law provides for "honor killings" of children and other family members who show deference to Islam. Islam has no tolerance for children who no longer wish to be under Shiria Law and date infidels. It is permitted for husbands to beat their wife "short of killing her". In 2008 two sisters were shot to death for having boyfriends. Amina and Sarah Said were murdered on New Year's Day by Yaser Said, the girls father.

        In February 2009, an Islamic woman was killed by her husband because she filed for divorce. Aasyia Hassan was beheaded by her husband Muzzammil Hassan eventhough she had a restraining order aginst him following numerous domestic violence calls to Orchard Park police.

      • The Bible states that Abraham's son Ishmael, born of the Egyptian woman Hagar, was a "wild jackass" and would cause considerable trouble with his neighbors (Genesis 16:12). The off-spring of Ishmael today continue to walk (call it run) in the footsteps of their ancestor. They cause continual trouble for the entire Middle East and especially Israel.

      • It was Nidal Hasan, the Islamic terrorist, who killed 13 and wounded 32 at Ft. Hood, Texas, on November 5, 2009. He demonstrated terrorist behavior months before he went on a shooting rampage, but political correctness kept him in the Army because of mandated inclusion of Islamists. Anyother person would have been dismissed from the military long before Hasan murdered and wounded U.S. Army personnel.

      • So what is the difference between 'Radical Islam' and 'Islam' (the so-called religion of peace)? Does "regular" Islam condemn or condone radical Islam? Does Louis Farrakhan condemn the radicals in his religion (of peace)? Does the pro-Islam group CAIR condemn Islamic terrorists? Do the Islamists (students and faculty) on university and college campuses condemn Islamic terrorism against Israel?

        None of the above will condemn Islam or Shiria Law or Islamic Terrorism. Their non-condemnation and lack of criticism is actually support of Islamic terrorists and terrorism. Not one of these groups condemned the terrorists of 9-11.

        Thousands of Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks Since 9/11

        CLICK HERE to see and hear Pat Condell tell Americans what he thinks about a mosque being constructed at the NYC World Trade Center 9-11 site.

        "Everything I ever wanted to know about
        Islam, I learned on September 11, 2001."