Now, more than ever before in U.S. history, your vote is important. The liberals took over the congress and senate in 2006 and the presidency in 2008. Now, they want us all to vote for them again and demonstrate your approval of everything they have done for nearly two years.

I am opposed to the direction the liberals in Washington DC are leading my country and it is for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is I believe Obama has usurped his authority and perverted the Constitution. I believe that he and the congress and senate have NO clue as to how this inane legislation will turn out and he risks 13% of our economy, the future for all of us and our children,the taking of our freedoms, the absurdity that he or the Federal Government can run anything, the giving of life and death authority to politicians and the lying and cheating and manipulation this "used car salesman" passes on as truth. This legislation was passed using every slimy trick, bribery of two senators, extortion of the Democratic Caucus and the use of Reconciliation which, was never intended to denigrate, circumvent the Constitution and DENY a fair vote.

Obama is a liar, an extreme left wing ideologue, a man who scoffs at due process of law and an ego driven, legacy seeking, arrogant, political thug who dictates to all of us and "leads" by manipulation and perversion. O.K., You need proof? Have you seen the results of his sworn promise to go through the budget "line by line" and eliminate departments, agencies, anything that is non-productive and unnecessary. Has he done it? Have Freddie and Fanny been fixed and the hemoraging stopped? The answer is "NO"! Has the insane appointment of Tim (tax cheat) Guitner been recalled? The answer is "NO"! Has Obama kept his oath that he would VETO any legislation containing "pork" or "earmarks"? Has he vetoed anything? The answer is "NO" and his legislation is loaded with both. Obama swore that he would "fix Washington" and end partisan politics. The reality of his ACTIONS is the most divisive, most corrupt, most impotent, irresponsible, incompetent Congress in my lifetime. This bag of hot air uses racism and class warfare in his arsenal of hate and manipulation. This man doctors numbers, wouldn't know the truth if it hit him, is vindictive, two faced (actually multi-faced) and worst of all he treats his position with abuse and insults the intelligence of every American citizen.

Obama promised an unemployment rate of 8% or less by the end of year one. Well, the unemployment rate is 9.6+% as of this very day. Obama likes to point fingers as a magician uses slight of hand to divert people from the truth. Obama is militarily incompetent, a fiscal incompetent, and a socialist who wants to redistribute income. His idea of "CHANGE" is to take from the rich (everyone who has an income) and give to the poor (those who refuse to work). He wants Americans to be dependent on government which is an insult and a perversion, the very same things that fueled the founding of this country and a Constitution and a Bill Of Rights to PROTECT us from zealots and would be Kings.

Iran has gone nuclear under Obama's watch. Who will Obama point fingers at when the inevitable confrontations become reality? Obama has given us (taken from us) the largest deficit in American history. He took $850 billion dollars for job creation and FAILED miserably (the money went to his union friends). The money is all gone!! Actually, about half was NEVER spent and there is NO accounting for it. Obama points his finger at Bush for using "recess appointments." and "reconciliation" and then proceeds to use both because some other "Failed President" used them.

You want to worship a lunatic? You want to play Russian Roulette with America and the American people? You want to have Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Schumer, Waters, Rangel and Republicans just as grotesque pronouncing who lives and who dies? The mispoken words (call them lies) from Washington DC must be stopped. Those people who supported Obamacare, cap & tax, bailouts, against the will of the people, must be accountable for their 'vote' both in the Senate and Congress. The American people must rise up and take back control of government and send them a message. RISE UP NOW, use your vote on November 2, 2010 and hammer all of them for voting against the will of the people. And those politicians who have recently gotten 'religion' - hammer them too! None deserves to represent either you or me, they have all turned their back on the American people. Democrats, Republicans and Independents who voted against the will of the people are against the American people and American prosperity. They all deserve to be "retired" ASAP!