Strawberry, California
Donnell Vista Point

The Donnell Vista Point trailhead is located about 20 miles east of Strawberry on HWY 108. The trailhead is clearly visible as there is a road sign just before the turn-off. You can park your vehicle immediately to the left as you enter the turn-off or continue and park to the right of the restrooms.

The trailhead is adjacent to the parking lot and begins by going around a large rock. The trail is 300 yards long and mostly downhill with a couple of benches along the way. There are also placards that explain the history of the area including wagon trains and gun battles with native Americans.

The vista point rises 2,000+ feet above the Donnells Reservoir and Middle Stanislaus River. During the spring melt; cascades and water falls are visible across the canyon as well as the snow covered Dardenelles Cone.